Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot
The Secrets of the rising Soul


Oracle Verse:

What you can take with you? Whereto this journey will go?
Whatfore all this questions?
Be sure, if you reached this path a deep freedom will touch your soul.


"21 - The Universe"

Keywords: journey, be in flow, wellfare


Story: "The Universe" shows moments which we don't note really in the reality, because it's more a secret process than a special situation. An aerea of experience actually lies behind you and now you are on a way into another form of being, another plan of life, another room with quite other experiences. Normally this is the moment which we all should wish for our future, it's a moment of absolutely peace around you.
In the reality this card may appear  in belongings to journeys, holidays, moments where we know that all is done and we are in a position to relax now. It's like a known sleeping without bad dreams.

(Sorry if my translation isn't really perfect, you're invited to correct my words)

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