Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot
The Secrets of the rising Soul


Oracle Verse:

How did you live?
Don't think, anything would have fallen into oblivion. At the end is the day of reckonning and your soul will be weightened.
I hope there's no blemish in your life, because if you want to pass this portal,
you shouln't carry any doubts on your shoulders.


"20 - The Judgement"

Keywords: trueth, universal law, really earnings


Story: "The Judgement" is the last station which you note physical emotional. It's the moment when you get your earnings. You hope you've done all well, or better said, much more good as mistaken. Now your soul will be weightened and you get what's really yours. Nothing is forgotten and that what happens now will direct your further being without escape.
In the reality situations belonging to this card must not be dramatic like my words, but whatever is the theme you'll be confronted with the truth. This truth has a final character and your future will depend in this.

I realy wish the best for you.

(Sorry if my translation isn't really perfect, you're invited to correct my words)

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