Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot
The Secrets of the rising Soul


Oracle Verse:

The first path tooks you instantly
to unknown altitude levels.

The connection with Mother Earth is
still absolutely strange for you.

Don't look down,
else you could wave and fall,
- much deeper,

as you're able to imagine at this time.



"I - The Magician"

Keywords: No.1, the One and Only, ideas, visions, positive thinking, flexibility, luck, selfmade man, creativity

Astrology: Mercure, Jupiter

Story: "The Magician" is the Numero Uno, because there is nobody else than him! He is the child which only notes himself and his own wishes. In this level of being it is really magic, with all of his mind and feelings he forces his wishes to become reality. That's like absolutely spiritual power, there's nothing what may prevent him intellectual from realizing his visions and ideas.
At the same time he is discovering himself and his endless possibilities, he has a lot of mostly unknown skills. Don't be afraid that he may fall down and enjoy if you meet a person which has The Magician's essence:

You can be sure that he's walking under the protection of ancient gods, and that he will bring you a sacred light of inspiration

(Sorry if my translation isn't really perfect, you're invited to correct my words)

Compare: "XV  - The Devil"

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