Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot ®
The Secrets of the rising Soul

Major and Minor Arcana  |  Oracle-, Wisdom- and Prophesy-Cards

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremia 33:3

Stefan Beckhusen



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The TAROT is based in 22 Major Arcana [<lat. arcanus "secret"] and 56 Minor Arkana. The Minor Arcana includes 16 cards which are called Court-Cards. More about this the Minor Arcana is based in the 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water) with every 10 minor cards and 4 courts. The elements are the same which you
know from astrology.

In the TAROT the element Fire is represented by Staves or Wands (Stäbe), the element Earth is represented by Pentacles (Scheiben), the element Air is represented by Swords (Schwerter), and the element Water by Chalices (Kelche).

While the Minor Arcana typically symbolizes the (spiritual) unimportant minorities  of life or also personal contacts or peculiarities, the Major Arcana is themed in important stations of the rising soul and the plan of personal life. In the TAROT this happens within a symbolic art-like representation of the different stages of development, beginning with the birth and ending in the return of the soul into the spiritual unity of all souls.

The major sense of the TRAUMZEIT-TAROT isn't the simple praying of future happenings, much more about this it's sense is the training of intuition. In this way the TRAUMZEIT-TAROT is a loyal companion of a part of the soul's endless way to a higher maturity. Intuition is trainable! A perfect intuition will save you of many dangers of the daily life. It's not a shame to stumble, but it will be a shame to repeat the same mistakes ever and ever again.




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USING: If you are unexperienced in TAROT don't be discouraged by the pictures which you don't understand at first. YOU don't have to study anything. Take time and let the pictures speak to you, listen to your inner feelings, your inner voice, look at details which seems to be interesting for you, and much more about this:

Try to think a little bit like a little child!

The pictures of the TRAUMZEIT-TAROT are held in a simple symbolic language of dreams. Experienced users will of course also be fitted by astrological, cultural and intellectual essences. Every detail in this pictured oracle which making needed several years was thorough reasoned and planed.


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