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Intro Fractale


Welcome to a new experience. Those of you who are familiar with fractale maybe interested only in my images and animations. All others who don't know what are fractale or who have only heard the name till know, those of you may read the following intro to get some explanation. Please excuse me that i don't give you a full science explanation of this complex mathematical terms.  I write the following sentences in my very own words and in my very own mind. For deeper insights you may google it. Sorry if my english isn't perfect, but i'm sure that you will be able to follow me and be fascinated ;)

Let me try with a very few words to explain the basics of fractale. Be sure that you'll entry an  existing amazing world of which you didn't expect that it's since all  time part of your reality.
The basic concept of fractale is commonly known by  a form which is called Mandelbrot, Julia Mandelbrot or Apfelmännchen. As more you dive  into this grafic model the samples of this form repeat again and again.  It's in any way as if you are stationed outside this universe and  explore with an imagined telescope with endless  magnification  possibilities the viewpoint in direction earth.
At first you see  the solar system. Diving deeper you recognize the surfaces of the  planets. Then you see the planet Earth, note the oceans and continents.  You realize deserts, woodlands and mountains, ..... cities, villages,  moving traffic. You realize that there are human lifeforms ..... which  have different skin tones. Diving deeper under the surface and skin you  can see their organic inside, the veins which will invite you to follow  them a little bit and explore different rooms of the body. But your  magnification possibilities don't stop. Diving deeper you will discover  molecular structures, nucleus and things which are much smaller.
 Looking around in this magnification you remember that your real point  of view location is outside the universe, ...............
 .................. and suddenly you note that the deepest insights show  you the same samples as if you look ahead to the outer stars and explore  the quite other direction.
Isn't it spooky ???
I use fractale software since WIN95. At those times i remember that my old PCs needed sometimes several days to render only one image. Luckily those times have passed and modern machines with it's power offers quite other possibilities. but that doesn't mean that rendering fractales has become an easy job. As more as you dive in the deeper space of fractale, so more clomplex become the inner surfaces with it's details. Also the material of the explored objects will have much influence of the render time. Reflections and shadows on, in and in between the detailed surfaces become more complexivity. In any way it's as if you look through your telescope. As more far away you will look to explore the deep space, you need a stronger and bigger telescope to do the job.
My software experience:

  • Fractint
  • Apophysis
  • JWildfire
  • Mandelbulb3D
  • Mandelbulber

left set: The very first beginning with a fractal software running under WIN95
Next generation, ..... so called "flames". Not really fractale, but familiar with it.
The show must go on!
Far away from the Mandelbrot basics some fractale software has become such a unique style,
last not least it's no creating, it's a rather randomize exploring of endless possibilities of different patterns and forms which feed our brain with a flash of imagination and associations.  
Next level:  The crazy world of 3D fractal geometry
And if you are not impressed enough till now let's enter the crazy space of 3D fractal geometry.
Explore fantasy worlds with strange surfaces or inner spaces and rooms and the outer space of an imaginated science fiction reality.
Surreal rooms and space of 3D fractal geometry
A blue set 3D fractal geometry illustration
SciFi space like real outer worlds of 3D fractal geometry.

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