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Heads and Character

3D Sculpting
Heads and Character sculpting

Sample gallery of my Zbrush head and character sculpts. I surely won't become a master in Zbrush, don't have the time for daily practice and dive in deep learning curves. Although i had some nice success in between and could sell some own created 3D figures, ........ it's still a passion for me to create and model such quick head sculpts and characters. In any way i see the art in these non-designed and non-constructed originals.
Ornamental Skull modification sculpt
Ornamental Skull modification sculpt
Ornamental Skull modification sculpt
CLAY - digital 3D head sculpt
made this within a few minutes, not sure if i'll really expand it because i like it as it is - maybe i'll expand create a whole cat body in the same rough style
SIMON - digital 3D head sculpt
created this sculpt especially for the use in fractal 3D artworks - see what happens at the Wailing Wall
VIBRATIONS - digital 3D head sculpt and concept design for audio themes
concept sculpting for any themes like audio, psi ans space
DEVILISH - digital 3D head sculpt
DEVILISH - digital 3D head sculpt
will use it at any time for photoshop illustration
THE WHISPERER - digital 3D head sculpt
head sculpt for poseable 3D figure THE WHISPERER available at Content Paradise
SAD - digital 3D head sculpt
WISE - digital 3D head sculpt
NIGHTMARE - digital 3D head sculpt
JAY - digital 3D head sculpt
JAY - silly funny 3D figure, unrigged
THE 1st - digital 3D head sculpt
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