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3d models and figures rigged and textured for Poser5 and up and base meshes for other 3d software

3d models and figures rigged and textured for Poser5 and up and base meshes for other 3d software
"Moo" is an extra-terrestic dull herbivore 3D model, created and rigged for Poser5 and up, but you may also use the unrigged obj.file in other 3D software. Moo's meat is very tough, but tastes well and his horns can be used for creating architectural structures by the planetary aborigines.
Nevertheless they never would kill this domestic animal without real necessity, because in times of war with other planetary lifeforms it is a faithful helper of the natives giving protection at the front line.

Note: "Moo" is a high-poly model with a 35 mb obj-file. Depending your hardware the loading of the model will take a moment. When modeling "Moo" I didn't plan to make it available for customers at first. Actually it was only a private fun project till friends asked me to rig it for Poser. In the tongue there's one polygon lost. I'm sorry for this little error, with purchasing you must accept this. "Moo" is tested with Poser 5-7 and runs on a PC with P4 1,8 GB and 1 GB Ram.
"Moo" comes with 3 Matposes. The body texture consists of Poser shaders, that means there's no texture file except the eye texture for quicker handling.
A full uv-map image-textured model is also available in an additional expansion !
Moo Expansion (3D figure rigged and textured)
NOTE: This package doesn't include the "Moo" basic figure with it's shader mats. The "Moo" expansion figure is a complete figure by itself and doesn't require anything more than your Win PC, Poser 5 or up and your creativity. The geometries file of the "Moo" expansion figure needs only about 60% of your harddrive space than the "Moo" basic figure.
"Moo" expansion figure comes with 4 high resolution image-based Mats, each with 4096x4096 pixel. Moreover a folder with the same Mats in low-resolution (2048x2048) is included.
"Moo" is tested with Poser 5-7 and runs on a PC with Pentium4 1,8 GB and 1 GB Ram.
SPACERAUPE 001 is a carnivore critter which you wouldn't have in your bed. It is a mix from Amphibian and Insect with horns to nuzzle the earth and long sensitive antenna to taste any lifeforms, which will be sucked in with it's slimy mouth.
Every of the 12 legs has 3 limbs for various posing and animating. The body segments cuts into 8 poseable parts including the hip. Mouth and horn are resricted poseable, also like the antennae which are full poseable with EasyPose. SPACERAUPE 001 comes with 2 Mat-Poses (Default and Bloddy Legs) and also the Poses from the Promo-Images are included. More about this you'll get the Background-Image in 4:4 and 4:3, and also the UV-Map to create your own textures is included.
The Package includes Spacerauppe001n.obj / Textures / UV-Map / Background-Image / Mat-Files / Poses / ReadMe and License
Requires: POSER5 and up. All Promo-Images are rendered in P5.
Far from Outer Space there's a guest coming to join your runtime. Somebody will call it terrible, somebody will see it lovely. Whatever you think, be sure, you'll have a lot of fun. SPACERAUPE 002 is HiRes textured Model for Poser 5 and up. Body Segments, Mouth and Jaw are poseable.
3Bein (3D figure rigged and textured)
by Stefan Beckhusen in 3D Assets
What may happen after our first contact to a species from far outer space. If they are friendly or not won't be the real question, because we can be sure that they will import any other species which will get here quite another evolution on earth, than on their home planet. Let's be happy so long we can enjoy our fantasy, without it will become reality.
"3Bein" is a complete rigged and textured 3D model for Poser5 and up. Should also work in DAZStudio. The unrigged obj.file may also be used in any other 3D software.
VIRUS, the hedgehog-pig POSER version. VIRUS is a simple object / prop what you may use depending your fantasy and imagination. I created this tool for my surrealistic SF images.
VIRUS, the hedgehog-pig BRYCE version. VIRUS is a simple object what you may use depending your fantasy and imagination. I created this tool for my surrealistic SF images.
Halfhouse 1-5 are organic houses of a strange desert planet anywhere far out in the unexplored universe. Usually every Halfhouse has a typical function and prefers to live in symbiotism with other lifeforms of this planet. Each of the 5 Halfhouses has it's own flag sign, called Feldzeichen.

- Halfhouse 1 is a simple restplace or simple home for wanderers on the strange barren desert-planet.
- HALFHOUSE 2 is a tavern where you may enjoy and relax from the dry heat outside and wonder about the fresh shadow's atmosphere inside, spended by the organic form, while POISON the mistress attends for your welfare.
- Halfhouse 3 is a typical shelter for the cattle with it's own flag sign. The house model has 5 bones and can be deformed very strange. In this way it can be closed or move with the wind. For rustlers it can be very dangerous to be beaten by the sharp wings of the house which is (remember!) an organic lifeform and will automatically protect it's inhabitants and guests.
- Halfhouse 4 has a double function. Basically it's used for personal spiritual ceremonies like the sweat lodge of the native Americans. Moreover it's a security and defense station against dangerous enemies and creatures of the strange planet.
- Halfhouse 5 is the dome, a cathedral for cultural ceremonies and cerebral power enlightment, a holy place for warriors and spirits.

Of course you may write your own story for these abstract forms.

The 5 Halfhouses are full poseable figures without restrictions in the parameter dial settings. With these you can easily make strange deformations. Especially for the use in animations your CG clip will get an outstanding kick by this. Even the Feldzeichen flag can be posed with 7 bones and some more for other parts. Blowing in the wind will be no problem. Halfhouse 1+2 are coming with 2 different mats. My idea is only to show you how you can give your houses a personal sign if you create new materials. The UV maps for the Halfhouses and the Feldzeichen are included in the textures folder, even those of the interior. The dials of "Halfhouse 4 / Center" are disabled because the mesh breaks if you try to do anythink with it.
Moreover I've included some interior props in the props library. This isn't a basic part of the set, but I modeled them for my own renders and think you shouldn't miss them.
Because the render-engine of Poser6 doesn't render materials in the same way as Poser5 I've included some extra mats for the Feldzeichen for Poser6 !!!
System Requirements:
Poser 5 and up
THE MARCHING TREE is a full poseable figure for Poser5 and up. Several bones and joints give you the possibility to deform this figure and pose it in extraordinary way for your Fantasy- or SciFi-Artwork.
Even animators will have a great job and fun if this tree is marching across your screen.
6 basic MATs are included. These MATS can also be choosen as Low-MATs without bump if you don't need a close-up view in your render.
THE TWISTING TREE is a poseable figure for Poser5 and up. THE TWISTING TREE is a simpler low poly version of THE MARCHING TREE. While THE MARCHING TREE is fully poseable, THE TWISTING TREE has only 3 bones. 1 for the upper roots, 1 for the center and 1 for the head. The obj-file comes with only ~1,9 mb and 2 basic textures which are nearly the same as the textures of THE MARCHING TREE.
"Fallout 1" is a Farspace object which you may use like your imagination works.
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